Let’s Debate: Does Valentina Deserve To Be Season 9’s Miss Congeniality?

Let’s Debate: Does Valentina Deserve To Be Season 9’s Miss Congeniality?

Friday 16th June brought us the reunion for the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine (which I personally apologise for not being consistent with the reviews of the episodes), and it seemed that they heard everyone’s pleas for more drama between the contestants because everyone exploded in this reunion – and it’s because of Miss Congeniality.

Voting shortly before the airing of the reunion commenced, and everyone who saw the buzz surrounding it witnessed the repetition of one name: Valentina. Valentina, Valentina, Valentina. She was a fan favourite of the season so there was no shock of her being voted by her waves of fans as Miss Congeniality. But once the title was given and her rewards were claimed, there were a few whispers. Well, not whispers.

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Her fellow contestants Aja and Farrah Moan, both of whom were eliminated before Valentina herself, spoke out against the choice to give Valentina the title as she did not act congenial throughout her run in the competition.

Both queens, soon backed up by others, lashed out at Valentina over her not-so-friendly attitude towards the others in the workroom. Farrah gave the most emotional story, as she claims Valentina refused to talk to her and constantly ignored her texts and calls despite appearing to be a very close friend of hers. She said it felt tough, and to which, “Miss Congeniality” just ignores her comments (again) and smiles on as if she’s being complimented and not insulted. She later shuts her down by simply telling her to “just shut up”. Well, the reunion has just shown the true colours of everyone’s favourite contestant, and honestly, I can’t stand her even more now.

Most queens do seem to have this disliking towards her and frankly, I don’t blame them. When the subject switched to the harsh and bullying actions of Valentina’s fans on social media towards the other queens, things went from bad to worse.

This is where Shea and Alexis add in their voices. Alexis was holding back her tears when she told of her Valentina’s obsessed fans would throw insults and death threats her way, telling her to commit suicide because she will never be as beautiful as Valentina, she was frantically trying to grab hold of Valentina – and she would not answer or reply.

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Valentina’s defence is she’s “not good” with social media and she acts as if she doesn’t use it too often. Truth is, if she wasn’t that good with social media, she would not have so many accounts online where fans to talk to her and listen to her. And even if she is “not good”, she could still have put a message of discouragement for this behaviour out there. She never did that, on any platform, which they brought her down for further; especially when Shea brings back a conversation between the two of them where she says that Valentina clearly stated to tell the fans to not be so negative towards the other queens if they were to go too far.

They had been, for weeks and weeks, and did she put a message? Not one. At all.

Of course, you can claim I am biased against Valentina. I was never a fan of her and I knew there was something off about her personality since a few episodes into the season, but even the most decent of person with this attitude can tick me off to no end.

My final verdict on Valentina: she’s rude, self-centred, and does not care about anything but herself and her success in the drag community. She was not there to be a supportive team member or a shoulder to cry on; and those are the elements that are necessary for the ideal Miss Congeniality.

So all in all, in my eyes, Valentina should not have been Miss Congeniality. Who should have? I would honestly say either Farrah Moan (despite her lack of drive in the competition, she was still high-spirited and friendly) or even Jaymes Mansfield (again, possibly biased but she had one of the most loveable personalities of any Drag Race contestant).

But anyway, it seems we no longer have Miss Congeniality. We have Miss Fan Favourite.


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