RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Review: Episode 10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work (SPOILER FREE)

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Review: Episode 10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work (SPOILER FREE)

Last week saw a dark moment in this season thus far, as huge favourite Valentina shocked and disappointed us all and was sent home. From this, is Nina happy to stay another week? Well… The negativity of Nina Bo’nina Brown is a force that isn’t lifting, and with her own guilt of sending the queen home, the others are reaching their breaking point with her sadness and fear.

Question on everyone’s lips: how long will Nina’s poor self-esteem keep her going in the competition?

Another day, another challenge, and it’s time for them to beat the faces of the unbeaten (haha). RuPaul announces what this season’s makeover challenge will be – it’s time to get the actual Drag Race filming crew involved in the tricks and tucks of the trade and be in front of the camera this time. That’s right! These members of the Drag Race family will be getting the drag treatment themselves!

Last week’s winners, Shea and Sasha, are the ones pairing the queens with the crew. These pairs are as followed:

  • Peppermint with Sarge
  • Trinity with Rizzo (the one everyone has fallen for online)
  • Sasha with Duncan
  • Alexis with Brody
  • Nina with Aaron
  • Shea with Josh

With the pairs, all paired up, it’s time to work!

The queens begin teaching their newbies the moves, the rules, and in Nina’s case, the unique artwork of drag.

When there is a makeover challenge, especially with people who have never at all walked in heels or cinched their waists, there is a focus on being open-minded and learning a side of the world you never learned about. Okay, the crew have an idea – some of them had been working with RuPaul for up to six years – but their eyes have opened wider now they have had the chance to experience the life for themselves. Even with some struggles. When I say struggles… I mean tucking. When you see a queen handle a crew member for the sole purpose of getting a tight tuck to help with the female aesthetic of drag, you can see and empathetically feel the pain of tucking.

And as soon as we believe it’s only a makeover, is it ever just a makeover? Nope! There is also a performance involved from each pairing, to a RuPaul hit, and we know that should be an experience itself. Cannot wait!

Image result for rupaul's drag race season 9 episode 10

I’m afraid out of all the contestants, our focus is stuck on Nina Bo’nina and her fight through making the outfits. Simple as that; making the outfits, getting the look together – not just for her, but for her partner too, who we can see is almost as panicked at Nina. Fingers crossed that she can storm her way through these obstacles. Well, I have a feeling it would be more like a hop than a storm (you’ll get that once you see the final looks). I will say this though: Nina opening about her low self-esteem and being her own worst enemy is empowering, especially when she shares her weaknesses with partner Aaron and realising that she is not alone with feeling powerless and no good. We are all with you there, Nina, and we all love you!

So with make-up on, outfits worn, and tucks tight as ever (made sure of), let’s go to the runway!

Joining the judges today is famed fashion designer Zaldy, and the gorgeous pop star Kesha, who will help Ru and the others find the pair who won their hearts.

From the first pair, I am shocked! The makeovers are breath-taking, the outfits are high fashion, and if there were mess-ups, there was no panic! The queens took it in their stride and rocked the runway, making them heels click-clack with every step. I am living, and I am dead, at the same time.

But as one crew member said, “the pain is real”. When we look closer, and nit-pick, we see the faults peeking out and the stand-outs – for the wrong reasons!

Before we go to the downfalls of the night, special shoutout to Trinity and Peppermint, who blew my mind and wowed me with their work on themselves and their crew partners. I could not believe the transformations, and yes I would love to see these queens in season ten or All Stars (haha).

RuPaul’s short message to the crew was also touching. By having the crew happily take part in this challenge, it does say a lot about how society is changing and everyone is widening their horizons and dipping their toes into the pools of less conventional art such as drag. I am always pleased when I hear these guests admit “I learnt about drag tonight”, because it is a statement that says “there is no harm in looking into these incredibly different activities”.

Now for a moment to cause an intake of breath: one hell of a high runner in this season is in the bottom two! It broke my heart and I was yelling “don’t go, don’t go!” because she has so much more potential for this season and I want to keep seeing her rule that runway.

Take the lip synch with everything you have, girls! Given the Demi Lovato hit “Cool For The Summer”, the bottom queens are watched closer than ever, and your heart with fall (for the millionth time) when you can see there is half the energy expected on that stage. I am implementing a new three-word rule for lip synching: DON’T. GIVE. UP.

One stayed, one left, and now there were five. Our tears flow and our sighs are loud, but remember my rule.


Rating: 7/10


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