Philip DeFranco Announces Independent News Network

Philip DeFranco Announces Independent News Network

If you are like me, and you are one for watching news videos on YouTube, you would’ve come across one of the biggest news channels on the website: the Philip DeFranco Show (PDS), hosted by YouTube legend Philip DeFranco.

If you are a part of the Nation, you wouldn’t call this news per se, but we were all waiting for the confirmation from the big man himself.

On Monday 1st May, DeFranco announced on YouTube that he has parted ways with his network and is working towards going alone to create his own independent news network.

For those who are unaware of Philip DeFranco, one of the biggest and most important points to him with reporting news is to make is as objective and unbiased as he can. We all know we live in an age where we have to double, triple, quadruple-check the sources for any news we see, hear or read, because the bigwigs behind the stories might be stretching and twisting the reports to meet their own agendas. This is what DeFranco despises, and as he says in every video every week, he wants a discussion on these news topics; he doesn’t just want to broadcast the story and his opinions and have everyone take that on-board as factual.

It is his wanting a fair and equal network that encouraged him to go independent; as he states in his announcement video, he wants a network that is “run under my vision of “it is okay to have and share opinions, but let’s get the facts right first”” and “to start a conversation about this crazy world that we live in”.

With this announcement, DeFranco published a Patreon page to fund the new project, titled “DeFranco Elite”. He states that being independent is to make sure “no corporate interest can manipulate and control how the news is presented”, meaning he wants to have full control on how the news is recorded, reported and presented before people can add their opinions and views on these items.

He admitted that he had been offered to be a part of a larger network, but turned the offer down because he did not want the way he reports the news to be changed and controlled to fit the needs of someone’s else.

He continues in the video with talking about how mighty a risk this move to being independent is, and how he is putting much of his own money into trying to achieve a success in this project. DeFranco is a hard-working, intelligent creator who is still striving to do what he is passionate about, despite the hardship of YouTube’s terms of service changes causing a decrease of his profits from his videos knocking him down slightly.

I believe personally that DeFranco can put all this together, and can work at it to make his dreams come true and create a success independently, creating everything in the image he intended.

You can donate to the DeFranco Elite cause here.

Watch DeFranco’s full video below:


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