RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Review: Episode 6: Snatch Game (SPOILER FREE)

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Review: Episode 6: Snatch Game (SPOILER FREE)

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between: this is what we have been waiting for! Welcome to Season 9’s Snatch Game! Let’s go.

With fan favourite Eureka out due to medical reasons, the work room is a little bigger now and now the queens are discussing the drama between the staying queens. A new focus is on unique queen Nina Bo’nina Brown, as she is accused of not wanting to be in the competition and losing her drive – after her breakdown, all we can hope for is a rebuilt wall of strength and self-esteem. And for a queen with her impersonating talents, I am already saying this before the challenge: Nina isn’t going home.

Once the queens gather the next day, and RuPaul enters, we are awaiting the words.

Snatch. Game.

There are quick discussion and decisions, and it’s amazing how the fan conspiracies have been correct! Famous faces such as NeNe Leakes, Amanda Lepore and Naomi Campbell are announced; but let’s see the others!

Wait… This is where I have to point out an editing issue (again) with Drag Race; not all queens get to tell Ru their impersonations on-screen! A choice few, we must wait until the challenge begins and every contestant is in drag – honestly, that’s a disappointment in my eyes. Give them all screen time!

Let’s go to Snatch Game!

The special guests, the game’s contestants, are the amazingly talented Denis O’Hare and Candis Cayne (who is no stranger to Drag Race). The panel for the Snatch Game is as followed:

  • Amanda Lepore
  • Marlene Dietrich
  • Alyssa Edwards
  • Jasmine Masters (we all know who this is…)
  • Gigi Gorgeous
  • Liza Minelli
  • NeNe Leakes
  • Miss Colombia
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Sofia Vergara (yeah, we know who this is too)

As the game commences, the tension of the not-so-impressive impersonations is so thick and tough, it feels like a strangle. Some of these queens can serve the look, but not the character, and that’s a shame. However, do not let that let you down! A small group of queens are killing their characters, and you will find yourself laughing and laughing until your eyeliner smudges and your wig flips off your head!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 9, Episode 6, "Snatch Game"

As expected with highly competitive queens, they will interact in a form of drag wrestling (and not the Season 4 kind) to see who will dominate. Some of them do, without making a mess of it (like… Season 4’s, actually).

As always, the Snatch Game can never ever disappoint me – or other die-hard fans – but major number-one rule of competing in the Snatch Game: tell jokes! Always. Tell. Jokes!

As the queens re-drag, we await the runway: the Night of A Thousand Madonnas: The Shequel! (And yes, I can say now, there are no kimonos)

As the queens discuss, it’s the best topic drag queens can talk about: gender. As the contestants talk about gender being over (of course it is), transgender contestant Peppermint opens up about her own gender identity for the first time and to her honest shock, she is accepted by the other queens around her. Always remember what RuPaul said: anyone of any gender can do drag. If they slay, they will stay!

The queens rock onto the runway and NO KIMONOS! It’s beautiful! However, twist: there are a couple of repeated outfits. Out of all of the decades of fashion, these queens cannot find ten individual outfits? Love the looks but try a little harder, repeaters. I mean, be as original as a queen who uses her naked flesh as an outfit (you’ll get what I mean).

As the queens are waiting their judgement, we cannot tell who the winner is at this moment – but there is a lean towards one more than the other, which goes against what many fans wanted but believe me, you won’t be hating the challenge’s winner.

Sadly, we have a repeat in the bottom two, and we know how much tension that can place on them. You fail once and you fail again, you need to start praying. The other queen in the bottom, sadly we had to also expect; but come on, you see it and you can point at the screen saying “you’re staying and you’re leaving”.

Watching this pair battle it out in a lip-synch of Madonna’s classic hit “Music” cements the surviving contestant 110%. With a wiggle here, a robot there, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude through and through, that’s what it takes to stay in the competition; congratulations, and I hope you can bring that fierceness into the next challenge and earn yourself a win.

Don’t be a queen that relies on your lip-synch talents. I mean… Did Alyssa Edwards survive on “if I have to lip-synch every week, I will lip-synch and I will stay”?

Rating: 9/10


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