Pete Wentz Announces New FOB Project “PURPLE”

Pete Wentz Announces New FOB Project “PURPLE”

On 22nd April, Pete Wentz, bassist of Chicago punk band Fall Out Boy, sent out his usual sweet tweet to celebrate an inter/national celebration – on this day, Earth Day – but seconds after announced a new project in the works for him and the other band members.

Not long before, on Fall Out Boy’s official social media accounts, they posted a collected list of cinemas around Chicago, along with the instruction for everyone to switch off their phones at a specific time.

Not every fan fell for this, but the certain few who went to one of those venues and purchased a ticket for that time witnessed a professional trailer (as one fan filmed below). After a short time had passed, the band had posted a purple GIF, relating it back to the event taking place next week.

Returning to Wentz’ latest tweets, post-Earth Day recognition, he stated he was moving this “whole operation” up by one day; changing the unveiling date to 27th April – which also happens to be lead singer Patrick Stump’s 33rd birthday.

Wentz followed that with a towering tweet, reading:


And stating that the project, titled as “PURPLE”, will commence on Thursday 27th April, which Wentz joked about being “a little present” for bandmate and best friend Stump. The tweet ended with a string of primarily purple emojis, and from this short string of tweets was how every FOB fan lost their collective marbles and started speculating on what this “PURPLE” is.


Last time Fall Out Boy unveiled a project, it was last year’s “BLOOM” project, which focused on a flower-based aesthetic for a short tour and new range of merchandise.

This new project could be 2017’s “BLOOM”, and it could finally mean that we are getting some brand-new tunes from the punk gods themselves – and yes, we are way overdue for some new music.

Watch this space, because once next Thursday rolls around, I will be telling you everything!


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