DaddyOFive’s YouTube Channel and Why It Needs To Go

DaddyOFive’s YouTube Channel and Why It Needs To Go

I have heard for the majority of the week about this YouTube channel – and if you follow YouTube news, I’m sure you have heard your fair share too – but I’m here to go through the story for those who are confused or in need of further filling in.

DaddyOFive is the YouTube account ran primarily by a man, also with his wife, and did feature many many videos featuring them and their five children. These videos were labelled as “pranks” and unlike the other YouTube pranks you may see, they look anything but fake. They look shockingly, horrifyingly real, and here’s why.

This channel gained controversy recently because of a video labelled “Invidible Ink Prank”, where the parents covered the carpet in invisible ink – it doesn’t last, it fades – and once the mess is done, they call in the children and shout and scold the children. Not jokingly, not light-heartedly; they downright yell and swear at their children for something they never took part in. One child is focused on, and he is shouted at until he falls onto the floor and screams, tears flooding out of his eyes. After a few minutes of filming, the father tries to calm the children by claiming the whole event is “just a prank”.

After this video gained attention, however, curious and concerned viewers scanned through the other videos on the channel and saw this was not a new occurrence.

There were previous videos that highlight other abusive behaviour from the parents towards the children, especially their young son named Cody. This includes refusing to respect his privacy (he asks his father to turn the camera off, to which he shouts “NO!”), physically harming him (pushing him into a bookshelf, punching him in the arm, etc etc) and wrongfully scolding him until he breaks down and reacts (he has claimed in a video he is sick of the pranks and just wants to be left alone).

He is even yelled at by his mother because he “can’t take a joke” and acts like a “butthole”.

These videos have, of course, led to many interactions between DaddyOFive and concerned, critical, and angry viewers – to which he uploaded a vlog, claiming he is “blocking all the haters”. He points the blame of the family distress on the “haters” – who are just worried people watching the videos, not believing they are faked and over-exaggerated, and wanting to make sure the children are safe and sound.

YouTubers such as Philip DeFranco and John Scarce have covered the stories, flooding in one after another after another, and this is where the blame gets deflected further from DaddyOFive.

In the most recent vlog, the two parents address the attention they have been getting since the Invidible Ink Prank blew up, and they cannot address a real apology. They do not take in and believe that the videos look harmful, or that the children appear to be fearful or abused emotionally; instead, they take a new view on things.

They outright state that the turmoil in recent days has been due to the coverage of the YouTube channel by Philip DeFranco himself!

They say that he is the reason they are getting hate and death threats – even someone trying to run his wife off the road and kill her – whilst just saying their “staged prank” videos have no role in this. No role whatsoever. They see themselves as completely innocent in this incident, which we all know is untrue.

Unfortunately, guilt got the better of the parents and all videos besides their latest vlog have been removed from the channel – many assume it was to rid themselves of any immediate evidence – but copies were downloaded and people are too willing to hand these into the hands of CPS to investigate the family again (yes, again, they were investigated before but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence).

There are still clips, which is damning enough evidence, in Philip DeFranco’s news videos from days ago – but warning before you watch, it can be upsetting to watch.

So many unconfirmed stories have arisen because of this channel.

One of which is the biological mother of the youngest children in the videos, Emma and Cody, allegedly speaking out to get custody of her children again. She said she found the videos and knew immediately she had to fight to get custody again (it was alleged by her and members of her family that he took the children and convinced them to turn against her in court so he would gain full custody, despite her previous reports of him being abusive – even before the YouTube channel came about!)

Everyone, report DaddyOFive’s channel and don’t watch the only video – it’s most likely still giving him money – and keep an eye out for any new reports on him, the children or the family.

If anyone knows this family in person, alert the authorities and explain everything to them. This could bring CPS back to them and re-open their case.

Watch Philip DeFranco’s first video covering the story, and for more news, head to his channel and catch up on the entire incident:


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